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Sharon, PA, США
Ищу ученика изучать английский,русский
At the 8th grade of school my friend had panic fear of water ----- on the 3rd visit to the swimming pool (45 min each) he covered the distance of 200 yards. (nonstop) My girlfriend swam 300 yards in 6 days, even the dozens of teachers had 0 results on her for 26 years. My recent student of English in 5 months (from 0) lied to an American employer in 45 min interview that he had been studying for 5 years and got a job with the FLUENT ENGLISH requirement. A Chief Accountant in 6 months succeeded in several interviews and now works in English in a very prestigious non-Russian company in Moscow A hopeless in English student was self-taught and for several years worked as a phone interpreter for 911, courts, police, immigration, insurances, hospitals, telephone and IT services, etc. Думаю, что смогу помочь освоить английский, русский, плавание или рисование В САМЫЕ КРАТЧАЙШИЕ СРОКИ… )) Даже по скайпу DesignDV пока у меня ещё есть время...
6 месяцев назад
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